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Brandyn Mumma


Growing up I was always told that hard work was one thing I needed to strive in any career, but the most important thing I needed was passion. My passions revolved around solving puzzles and giving myself challenges to overcome, and the fascination of how technology has helped to solve many modern day problems. This led me to Full Sail University, and their Bachelors in Mobile Development. 

The program for the first year taught me the basics of coding, using Visual Studio and learning C#. From there, the last year and a half in the program focused on taking the basics into Swift and Android Studio, and understanding the two different types of programming languages for the major mobile software types.
Beside the coding side, Full Sail University also taught me industry fundamentals to help keep me on track. Whether that be using Trello or Jira for organization, Discord or Slack for communication, and even software like Rescue Me to manage the time to work on projects. They made sure to teach me all the things to help me succeed after school.

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My Skillset

Customer Service


Project Management


Java/JavaScript/Kotlin Language


Swift Language


Adobe XD/Illustrator


C# Language


Firebase Firestore/Cloud Storage/Credentials


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"Whether You Win Or Lose...You Can Always Come Out Ahead By Learning From The Experience."

All Might - My Hero Academia

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