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My Portfolio

Here are some of my case studies I got the pleasure to work on over the course of my education.

Portfolio: Bio

Drivable - Android/iOS

This project is a Productivity App that helps Amazon Delivery Service Providers (DSPs) organize their vehicle fleets and maintenance logs. The purpose was because of my personal experience, because I am an Amazon Delivery Associate for a DSP, as well as a Dispatcher. I saw most DSPs at my warehouse have different ways to organize their fleet, but all are either complicated or outdated. My solution creates an app to help with organization, improve communication, and to make logging maintenance reports faster and more efficient. The focus was getting the Android version up to a Gold standard that would be ready to hit the store because that is the device of choice that most DSPs are provided with. The iOS is in a beta stage for now, with plans to release at a later point after some updates to features on the Android version first.

Portfolio: Bio

Pet Check - Android

This version of Pet Check focuses more on the family side. Where posts and pet list are the same, the difference is the only login method is to login to the room as a specific user.

Portfolio: Bio

Pet Check - iOS

Pet Check is a Social Media platform that helps families, pet sitters and care takers to keep track of their loved furry family members. The iOS version has two different safety measures: the first is your basic login as a user, and the second is login into seperate rooms. This version is to help with pet sitters and care takers, to be able to only sign up one account and just need permissions to log into many rooms.

Portfolio: Bio

Tabletop SP (Score Projector)

Tabletop SP was made to help with not only keeping track of scores, but to also keep the device projecting the scores on the table even when adjusting the scores. This helps keep trust between the players when one person is adjusting scores, and add a new way for kids to feel cool while doing it.

Portfolio: Bio
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